Instagram Integration


Unfortunately, it is true that due to changes in the Instagram API, no Shopify themes will be able to offer functional Instagram sections as of June 29, 2020. Simply put, these changes are out of our control and there is no patch we can offer as theme developers due to technical limitations.


The Shopify guide is the place place to look for steps forward. One saving grace is that there are apps in the Shopify App store that will be able to use instead of your theme's Instagram section. Shopify Apps work on the backend and therefore have unique methods to continue to pull your Instagram photos that themes do not have. Here is a link sent by Shopify with a list of apps that will provide a better option for you.


We recommend using the free Section Feed app from Maestrooo as it has a native integration with our theme. We completely understand that Instagram is an important part of merchant stores and we're just as bummed as you to learn that this will no longer be an option for themes. Please let us know if you have any other questions and thanks for your understanding!