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We build elegant solutions for complicated problems — big and small. We enable our clients and our partners to focus on their core capabilities, while we focus on ours.
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E-Commerce Strategy

We build custom sites for brands on Shopify Plus, and custom features like subscriptions, quizzes, discounts, and more. Every technical solution is unique to your business.

Ongoing Site Optimizations

We support your e-commerce business with ongoing maintenance and performance optimizations (think: a/b testing) to keep your site operating at its peak.

Site Speed & ADA Improvements

W can enhance your Shopify store's speed by optimizing site performance through advanced coding techniques, efficient image handling, and streamlined navigation. We also ensure ADA compliance by conducting thorough accessibility audits and implementing necessary adjustments to meet all accessibility standards, providing an inclusive experience for all users.

Shopify App and Theme Building

You’ve seen our code before. We’re behind some of the top rated apps and most-used themes on Shopify. Our technical experience working hand-in-hand with Shopify is bar none.

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Client Testimonials

“The Presidio Creative Team is top notch! Not only do we get excellent development service, but true Shopify Plus expertise and guidance. We’ve worked with the team for 4+ years, and together we have increased our conversion rate, decreased our site speed and launched multiple applications the required custom API work. Presidio Creative feels like an extension of our team—working with them is a pleasure.”

Client Testimonials

"The Presidio team have been with us from the start. They’ve worked with our brand to help bring our designs to life and have brought a ton of Shopify expertise as we’ve grown as a company."

Client Testimonials

"Taking our primary revenue source, our e-commerce store, to the next level required intensely auditing our existing setup and practices. Presidio Creative advised creative solutions within our budget to harness the latest technology in Shopify's platform to dramatically improve our customer's site experience. Our relationship directly resulted in increased sales and a noticeably better site."