How to build a custom visual product recommendation quiz for your Shopify store

How to build a custom visual product recommendation quiz for your Shopify store

One of the growing trends in e-commerce is personalization and guided product recommendations through quizzes. Over the past few years, we’ve built a number of custom quizzes and product finders for our clients on Shopify and Shopify Plus, including Ouai, Credo Beauty, Lord Jones, Needed, Equator Coffee, Sightglass Coffee and PlumpJack Wine & Spirits. 

Product recommendation quizzes are a great way to learn more about your customers, while at the same time providing a unique experience to the way your customers discover products on your Shopify store. 


Some of the key benefits for building a custom quiz include:

Grow Your Email List

Product recommendation quizzes can be a great way to build a larger email list that you can target based on the answers they’ve provided through each step of the quiz.

Rich Customer Profile Data 

Develop richer customer profile data that you can use to send highly personalized emails and segmented marketing campaigns based on the set of answers that.  This is perfect for customers who use Klaviyo, Zaius, Bronto or Mailchimp for email marketing and retargeting.

Provide Relevant Product Recommendations 

It's a well known stat that most people bounce from a site within the first 5 seconds of their first page load. Quizzes are a great way to immediately engage your audience with interesting content and help provide relevant recommendations to products your customers might actually be interested in. 

Want to Increase Your Conversion Rates? Look no further then a product quiz. 

For the clients that we've worked with to build custom quizzes, we've seen conversion rates from people who have taken a quiz to jump anywhere from 2x to 3x. We also see that their likelihood to make a purchase after they leave the site to jump as high as 5x, assuming you're incentivizing them to come back to the site with a good offer.  

Here are some ideas that we’ve seen work well with some of the custom product quizzes we’ve built in the past: 

  1. Rather than showing a typical 10% off pop-up to new site visitors, ask them to answer a couple of questions and provide a discount code to people who have successfully taken a quiz. 
  2. Sync the question and answer data about the customer to a service like Klaviyo, Salesforce, Bronto Mailchimp or Zaius. 
  3. At the final step of the quiz, offer a discounted bundle option that includes multiple products vs just a single recommendation. 
  4. Ask the quiz taker if they’d like to receive updates about new products that match their interests vs standard email campaigns. 


Would you like to build a custom product recommendation quiz for your Shopify store? 

We've built a number of custom product recommendation quizzes for all sorts of different industries in the past and would be happy to share some of our expertise. 

Our approach is simple, we'll work with your to help design the perfect layout, add the tracking needed to pass the custom variables over to Klaviyo or Mailchimp and help build out all the logic and theme settings to make it as easy as possible for you to manage and edit the questions and answers. 

Let’s build something.